why web design centre
  • Web Design Centre design Web sites with your business in mind. We understand your unique needs through in-depth consultation with you. As a result we are able to design a Web site that best fits your mission. Everyone's needs are different, we strive to fulfil them all.
  • Participate in the beta test phase. Once the site is substantially complete, you can assist us in the process of smoothing out any rough edges by giving the entire system a thorough test. Submit information using the contact forms, order products and services through the e-commerce interface, run reports on site traffic, change your home page content using the CMI. Once we're all satisfied that it's bulletproof, we're ready to deploy.

  • We don't just design sites that look good: we design sites that work. All aspects of the Internet is taken into consideration when designing a Web site so that the site achieves its goals.
  • Our Web design solutions are cost effective compared to the quality. A large percentage of the work we carry out involves redesigning sites designed by other companies. So, get it right fist time, contact us first.

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